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Image By Catherine Kotesky Remuda: "Group of working horses bred for the
ranch specifically to work and pen cattle."

Haythorn Ranch Company

Winner of the 2009 AQHA Best Remuda Award

Located in the Sand Hills of west central Nebraska, this award-winning ranch has continually produced top cow horses for more than 70 years. Real life cowboys work on approximately 20,000 acres, and raise around 100 AQHA horses and up to 1,500 mother cows. Working the ranch in the scenic and picturesque sand hills of Nebraska has been a Haythorn family tradition since 1884. It is currently owned and ran by 3 generations; Howard Haythorn, son Harry Byron Haythorn, and his son Harry Marshall Haythorn.

The horses rasised here are the Remuda American Quarter Horse. They are bred specifically to work and pen cattle. Strength, speed, intellegence, and conformation are key traits considered when breeding, and the Haythorn's horses are award winning. In 2009, Haythorn Ranch Company won the AQHA Best Remuda Award, for their quality and excellence in breeding and raising work horses. Read the official AQHA: America's Horse article, "Going Home Horseback".

The Haythorns take pride in their place among the great American ranchers, and continue their legacy by caring for the land and livestock just as their for-fathers did. Learn more about the Haythorns and their time-honored tradition at The Fence Post.

Haythorn Ranch

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Howard Haythorn
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The Haythorn name is synonomous with American ranching. Here on our Media page, you can check out some of the publications feauturing the Haythorn Ranch. Take a few minutes to learn more about the ranching culture and what it means to America.

"It's really an honor and a pleasure to do this. I thought about a few other things, but really the only thing I ever wanted to do was ranch. I like caring for animals and watching the grass grow in the spring and getting our calf crop on the ground and our foals all foaled out." - Harry Haythorn

America's Horse Magazine: "Going Home Horseback"

The Fence Post: "A Chat with Haythorn Ranch Company's Harry Haythorn"

AQHA Best Remuda Award

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